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After months of rolling out feature releases to get us excited, [Disney Infinity 3.0](tag:3458183) is finally available to buy and by all reports it really lives up to the hype. While the previous two games lacked a cohesive structure and were simultaneously confusing and patronising in their tutorials, Disney have proved that third time's the charm with 3.0. The adventures are exciting, Ninja Theory's improvements to the fighting style have really paid off, and the additions to Toy Box Mode expand the opportunities for fun to infinity... and beyond!

And yet, there's a rival on the horizon for Disney's epic sandbox game, and that rival is LEGO Dimensions. Let's face it, LEGO have slayed at the nerd gamer's game for years, with their versions of blockbusters like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter pulling in fans of all ages. There's a fantastic tongue-in-cheek humour to the LEGO games that adds a new dimension (heh heh) to the existing canon while fondly representing the characters we know and love. So how could us humble nerds resist the idea of combining all our favourite movies into one fantastic crossover game? Disney Infinity 3.0, you've got competition!

LEGO: The New Frontier

LEGO Dimensions is basically the epic multiverse crossover you've wanted since you were 12, where Doctor Who can finally team up with Back to the Future's Doc Brown, as Batman and Gandalf make snarky comments to each other in the background. It's every geek's dream! And the trailers are really feeding the nerd frenzy (this live action advert honestly makes me wish Back to the Future 4 were a thing), showcasing an impressive voice acting talent, like Peter Capaldi...

Aside from nerdgasming potential, LEGO Dimensions is looking to be a pretty darn enjoyable game.

It works mainly on two levels, with the story level playing out like a typical quest, as you solve puzzles and challenges that are part of a bigger mission, built into a story. Then there's the open world gameplay, which allows you to explore the impressive universe of LEGO Dimensions, with smaller challenges along the way.

The game also has lots of cool little features that make it unique. So whenever you die as the Doctor, you don't just come back, you come back as another regeneration! For each regeneration, the TARDIS interior changes to match. Plus, with Chell joining the gang, LEGO Dimensions also fills in that void in our lives while we wait for Portal 3, and we can't wait to explore the LEGO version of Aperture Science.

The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.

So how does LEGO Dimensions measure up to Disney Infinity 3.0? And is it a genuine threat to Infinity sales?

Beyond Infinity

Disney Infinity 3.0 is huge. Really huge. It has all the might of Disney marketing behind it, plus major appeal for kids as it gives them the chance to jump into their favourite Disney worlds. But LEGO Dimensions does have a few advantages over Infinity.

The Gateway is one way LEGO Dimensions has the jump on Disney Infinity 3.0. To really make the most of the game being, well, LEGO, there's a real interactive element where players can build their own vehicles and make adjustments to them as the game progresses. So you're actually making use of the expensive toys you have to buy! Whereas with Disney Infinity 3.0, the figurines are really just decorative beyond their in-game uses (though some of the Star Wars ones have lightsabers that light up, which is pretty cool).

Disney Infinity 3.0 does have lots of new mini games, making it a more detailed gaming experience than LEGO Dimensions. But with Dimensions you get THIS...

This is the only time you'll ever experience a real DC/Marvel crossover, and that's not to be sneezed at. Disney Infinity 3.0 does boast very impressive Marvel features, with the latest [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) worlds and the Hulkbuster armour. But Dimensions can give you the chance to pit Iron Man and Batman against each other... in the fight of billionaires, who will win?!

The final showdown.
The final showdown.

Ok, seriously though, while LEGO Dimensions has a wider appeal to an older audience, Disney Infinity 3.0 will probably be the more financially successful of the two, thanks to Disney pretty much being our lords and masters at this point. But as far as quality of gameplay goes, LEGO Dimensions looks just SO much fun, and can definitely rival even Infinity's impressive features.

Too bad we haven't got the money to buy both! (Maybe Bats and Stark could just throw some of that cash my way...)


Disney Infinity 3.0 or LEGO Dimensions: which would you play?


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