ByJeremy Scott, writer at

I rather enjoyed this issue of Journal, or at least the first half of it, quite a lot. Mashing together a whole load of Secret Wars domains, this felt like a really good example of what these Journal/Battleworld titles could do when not constrained to the one 'universe'. Egytia's Punisher and Apocalypse's Iron Fist are patrolling The Shield (think Game of Thrones 'Wall') protecting the worlds beyond from the undead on the other side. Cue threat from the 'safe' side of the Shield, robotics genius Mole Man from Stark's Technopolis and an army of Ultron drones! Exploding robots, flaming fist punches and harsh justice all flow. Second story features three X-Men I'm unfamiliar with, something about rising above adversity, true love prevailing and facing your fears. It's not bad, but it means nothing to me. Strong art all around, closing out this small anthology series well with the last couple of issues being really enjoyable.


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