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Michael Austin Betzner

Hello! My name is Michael Betzner (hence the "MB" in my user name) lol

i am a 19 year old inspiring SFX makeup artist living in a small town in rural Michigan.. I have been doing SFX makeup for just about a year first it was small things with not much detail but as I self taught myself I have been able to get better and better.. I watched YouTube videos and read online articles to learn how to do all these things...some of my makeups I just thought of on my own and they actually worked lol..Here are some of my earlier makeups

This next one is just sad lol

No.....just no..

But as I learned more and more through YouTube tutorials and just experimenting I have been able to create some pretty intense, gross, & bloody (very bloody) makeups

My first time trying veins

My main goal is to eventually work on a movie or television show! I take inspiration from Ve Neil and her work on the hunger games and the exorcist .. As of right now I run an Instagram page


(I know strange name)

and a YouTube page

@Michael Betzner

where I post pictures and make tutorials on how to master these looks :) thank you for reading and let me know which of these makeups where your favorite! Also if you have any ideas for a makeup please let me now on my Instagram :) along with any questions you have :p


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