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Ok, so I was doing my Daily look through all of the movie pilot posts and stumbled upon a post stating a very good point. What did Scarlet Witch reveal to Bruce Banner. We Saw every Avengers VIsion (with the exception of Hawkeye) except the hulk. What could this mean? Well my one theory leads to what would have been an amazing easter egg if revealed. This theory leads to the possibility of one of the best Hulk storylines to date and one of his most dangerous versions.

So Dane what do you think Bruce/ Hulk saw? It is simple The Incredible Hulk saw.........

PLANET HULK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I know this is extremely Far fetched, But if you look into it closely it makes alot of sense and here is why.

What would induce Banner so easily??

Ok first hint is at Bruce himself. He is portrayed as a mild mannered man who is afraid of only one thing. Himself and what lurks within. So what better way to make him lose his cool by doing two things. The first being Make him see people the Hulk and be afraid and the second being unable to turn himself back.

How does this connect to planet Hulk???

Well you tell me how often you see Bruce Banner in the Planet Hulk arc. He is Hulk 100% of the time something Bruce would fear greatly. It is hard enough for him to keep his heart rate down to blend in let alone not be able to period. Then comes the next issue. Is Imagining him being sent away to another planet maybe not because of the reason that would be cannon but just because he is different. He would imagine being sent to this other and would be Hulk while he is imagining there.

What would he be imagining exactly?

Well the answer is he would being see the planet he landed on and all the threats that lay there. This would include the Red King and the Gladiators. This would have Hulk in the frenzy seen. Then would come the biggest kick in the guts for the strongest hero there is. Seeing one of the many "friends" who ruined his life by sending him away. This would destroy the last level of reasoning in his mind.

Another possibility would be he was seeing Iron man as The Red King. After seeing what he would be his immediate reaction would be to do what he was born to do... SMASH.

Would this make Banner and Hulk to react the way the did after it was over???

Hell yeah I admit I would be the same! I mean Bruce Banner would be traumatized by this point he would have finally known how it felt if his worst fear was met and compared to what the other saw he wins hands down. It also explains his reaction to Scarlett Witch. I mean Bruce Banner is a beyond Intelligent man of science and he knows her powers came from science. So he would have easily thought up the possibility of a permanent issue from the mix. What if she has permanently scarred the Hulk so he will always lash out like that every time he turns. He would be on edge constantly and with the Ultron threat looming he knows he will have to take the risk in order to do some good.

It would also explain his need to help with Tony create Vision. It is an extremely out of character move especially after what happened with their last collaborated pet project. Then Hulk reaction after the final battle. Hulk is a complex creature with emotions like everyone else and the team seems to be oblivious to that fact they just want muscle and to then ignore the being behind it. Hulk just wants to be alone or to help and after experiencing the vision with Banner he would not trust anyone even Black widow.

Overall Planet Hulk most likely isn't what Banner saw but if it was it would make alot of hardcore fans very happy and explain alot of thing to do with the vision that ruined the Hulks newly found Heroic status.


Do you think Planet Hulk could be what Banner saw???


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