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John Ridley Has Taken on a Marvel Project for ABC

Back in April, it was reported by Entertainment Weekly that John Ridley had been tasked to develop a new Marvel superhero show for the ABC Television Network. At that time, it was thought that he had been asked to develop a show revolving around Marvel’s symbiotic couple: Cloak & Dagger. It was also suggested that he refused that assignment because he had something better in mind.

Rumors flew willy-nilly all about the Internet that he had decided to build his show around the sensational new property Marvel had developed: Kamala Kahn’s Ms. Marvel.

One big, happy family!
One big, happy family!

However, that stance was never defensible as it would have presented a character name two or three years prior to the release of a major motion picture by the same studio for a character with almost the same name: Captain Marvel; who had originally introduced herself with her own Ms. Marvel moniker meaning there would be a ton of confusion, an undercutting of the Major Motion Picture by the television side; and Willy and Nilly would have been turned loose causing Havoc and Khaos to reign surpreme at Disneyland (world?).

You might as well have handed the planet over to Hydra.

Marvel Wants to Re-establish Blade

Use the Force, Fallon!
Use the Force, Fallon!

According to BleedingCool.Com, Marvel has developed a plan to re-launch Blade in its comics side of the house. Well, not Blade, so much, as his righteous daughter, Fallon Grey.


Blade’s daughter? .................. Fallon Grey?

There you go, John Ridley!

The comic book was all but ready to go!
The comic book was all but ready to go!

The reports from BleedingCool report the production of the Fallon Grey comics series has been delayed – ostensibly to give Ridley (and, possibly Wesley Snipes who has been in talks with Marvel to reprise his role as the bodacious vampire hunter) to develop their story without creating any plot line differences that could not be accommodated between the two media. Once their story has been developed by Ridley, the comics side will pick up those plot lines and run with them.

And, apparently, Marvel Studio Hulk, Kevin Feige, believes this property to be very important in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he wants it in his house. Even if it doesn’t grow into a motion picture, odds are Netflix will be very interested – if they can beat ABC to the punch since, after all, it was ABC that commissioned the project.

Blade Precedes Iron Man?

Chicken?  Egg?
Chicken? Egg?

And if, as OmegaUnderground surmises, the original Blade series gets adapted into the MCU, it would become the de facto initial (i.e. first out the gate) MCU Canon Property predating Iron Man by a good Ten Years.

We’ll have to see how much of that original Blade series is adapted into Ridley’s project (if, indeed, this is the project Ridley is creating) before we go canonizing Wesley Snipes. And, we will have to see whether Marvel even allows Wesley to reprise his role as Blade serving as mentor (and proud papa) to Fallon.


OmegaUnderground considers Zoë Kravitz (the Divergent series, Mad Max: Fury Road, After Earth & X-Men: First Class) as their choice to play Fallon.

Are you ready for summa this, Daddy?
Are you ready for summa this, Daddy?

I’d also love to see Queen Latifah (Taxi, Barber Shop) get her hands on the role. She’d give Wesley’s character a serious come-uppance and it would be hilarious! I can see a whole chemistry class between those two legends.

And, Jahnee Wallace (Hear No Evil) appears to have the chops to drop 50 shades of Fallon Grey on the dark night community as does Alexandra Shipp (Straight Outta Compton - looks like Scarlett Johannson's long-lost black twin!).

Wallace?  Shipp?  Clemons?  Lead on, Ladies!
Wallace? Shipp? Clemons? Lead on, Ladies!

Kiersey Clemons (Dope) is a developing talent who Marvel could easily jump in front of and help her career jump into overdrive – kind of like they did with a then-down-on-his-luck Robert Downey, Jr.

And, if they wanted to start the character out very young, giving her a start similar to that of Buffy, Vampire Slayer, they could go with a spunky Kyal Legend (Descendants).

Youth is served... wait.  Maybe not *that* young...
Youth is served... wait. Maybe not *that* young...

Or, they could go with someone Ridley already knows: Quvenzhané Wallis (12 Years a Slave). Going this route would give Ridley the opportunity to create an edgy character who isn’t all that familiar with her heritage get suddenly thrust into a world she doesn’t understand and can’t possibly survive – until she discovers those abilities her father handed down to her genetically.

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