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Now a lot of Marvel movie rankings have been swirling around lately. Almost all of these are personal opinion or the outcomes are based on their favorite characters. So what I have decided to do is take four major sections: critic ratings, fan ratings, box office numbers, and story quality for that character and put them together for the ultimate MCU rating. Each category is worth 25 points. So the lowest score you can get is 4 and the highest score is 100. We will be going through the first six movies on the list and I should have part two soon!


Before you read this article, what is your favorite MCU movie from this list?

Before we start, please don't get mad at me because you love one movie and I have in the #11 spot or you hate another movie and I have it in the #1 spot. This has nothing to do with personal opinion and is all based on facts. Let's get started!

#12. Thor: The Dark World

This is one example of one I simply don't agree with. I loved this movie! I thought it was great, but it didn't do well at the box office and people really didn't like it. I thought the whole sub-plot with Loki was a very smart move on Alan Taylor's part. The one thing I agree went very, very badly was Malekith. He was a very weak character and he was basically the bad guy from space. There was absolutely no back story or origin on him or the Dark Elves.

~ Critics Rating: 17

~ Fans Rating: 10

~ Story Quality: 12

~ Box Office: 12

~ Final Rating: 51/100


#11. Thor

I had a lot of problems with this movie. From how bored I was for most of the movie to the lack of fighting scenes. Even the fighting scenes lacked the intensity that I so badly wanted. I will admit the final scene with the Destroyer was pretty cool, but I did think he was pretty weak. Unfortunately the Thor movies have both been disappointing in people's eyes. He is a great character is the comics. But unfortunately I don't have a lot to say about this movie because it was pretty uneventful so I will just leave it at that.

~ Critics Rating: 16

~ Fans Rating: 15

~ Story Quality: 12

~ Box Office: 10

~ Final Rating: 53/100


#10. The Incredible Hulk

I first watched this movie when I still hadn't seen Iron Man and wasn't very big on the MCU. The only reason I am writing this article is because of the final fight scene between the Abomination and the Hulk. It completely changed my mind about the MCU. I loved this movie and I just wish other people did too. Edward Norton was an alright Hulk, but Mark Ruffalo is much better. I was over all super happy about this movie and it will always be one of my all time favorites.

~ Critics Rating: 18

~ Fans Rating: 17

~ Story Quality: 15

~ Box Office: 8

~ Final Rating: 58/100


#9. Captain America: The First Avenger

This was the first MCU movie I watched in theaters. I left pretty happy but mostly I wanted more. I wanted to see what happens. The 21st century Cap really intrigued me. I also was starting to put together the whole Avengers thing. I think that is why Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of my favorites. I love Captain America and really hope he doesn't die in Civil War.

~ Critics Rating: 18

~ Fans Rating: 18

~ Story Quality: 17

~ Box Office: 9

~ Final Rating: 62/100


#8. Iron Man 3

I was not at any moment in Iron Man 3 worried that he wasn't going to beat the bad guy. The entire movie left me feeling like it was missing something, but I can't figure out what it is. The final scene was pretty cool though. I felt like they wasted a character with the Mandarin. And the whole movie was just weak. If I made a personal opinion list, this might be my #12.

~ Critics Rating: 18

~ Fans Rating: 17

~ Story Quality: 11

~ Box Office: 22

~ Final Rating: 68/100


#7. Iron Man 2

Overall this was a good movie. Enough said. I'm just messing with you. I loved how Rhodey got introduced as War Machine in this movie. Sure Whiplash was a lot like Malekith. Weak and no backstory. But he was also a fun character. The final battle made this movie a whole lot better.

~ Critics Rating: 17

~ Fans Rating: 18

~ Story Quality: 19

~ Box Office: 17

~ Final Rating: 71/100

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