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Mike Mack

Everyone has that movie that they just can't turn off whenever it comes on TV. You know, the one that you saw twice in theaters and still couldn't wait for the Blu Ray to come out so that you could watch it four more times in a week.

For me there are a lot of movie that fit that bill. There are several movies that people won't watch with me because I quote the entire thing. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever had an actual conversation with one of my friends that didn't include quotes from Ace Ventura.

I can never turn off Jaws or Jurassic Park, I know way too many lines to Anchorman and Billy Madison, and I watch V for Vendetta ever year on November 5th. But one movie really stands out when I think of watching something over and over...

The Avengers was the first big blockbuster that really brought the MCU together in my opinion. While it is not my favorite MCU film now, it is definitely the one I have watched the most.

There are so many great moments that you just want to watch again and again. Whether it's an awesome fight scene between Thor and Iron Man or a hilarious fish out of water moment for Cap, The Avengers is loaded with scenes that you have to see at least twice.

My 5 Day Movie Challenge will wrap up tomorrow with a movie that I will pass on to my kids.


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