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Everyone's got an angel and a devil on their shoulder. What matters is which one you listen to. - Eddie Brock
Andrew Gonzalez

Ever been rocking out to your favorite FFDP tune and thought man it would be cool if The Dark Knight fronted his own metal band? As it turns out the talented team over at Red Medusa Animation Studio have. Set to the pounding rhythm of Adult Swim’s fictional metal band Dethklok. This NSFW animated clip covering the tune Murmaider” gets pretty gruesome for a cartoon. Supported by all his boy wonders the video alternates between Batman performing on stage and a mission to save his JLA pal Aquaman from the evil clutches of Disney mermaid Ariel. Yup I said Ariel, it turns out she’s a pretty sadistic young lady. Along with her minions played by the not so loveable citizens of Bikini Bottom the evil princess and her crew are administering a beat down on Aquaman something Batman won’t stand for. Like I said violent and dark, with a sprinkle of sexual innuendo you might not want to watch this one at the office. Give it a look when you can and share your thoughts


Source: Alternative Press


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