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The internet can be a goldmine for spoilers and uncovered production secrets. Whether you're looking for Star Wars spoilers or images from upcoming episodes of your favorite TV show, a quick trip to your favorite forum or news site can result in all-new information for fans to speculate over. Now, thanks to Reddit, fans of the Justice League can do just that.

This new poster features two upcoming shows on the WB slate -- Be Cool, Scooby Doo and Wabbit -- along with already-running network shows, and one particular, stand-out poster that long-time fans of DC Heroes might enjoy:

A simple title, "JLA," covers the lower-half of the poster that seemingly features an assortment of classic Justice League members, along with some new, unidentifiable faces.

The CW Seed is currently running Vixen, an animated series that only lasts five minutes long per episode. Despite the animated concept and short running time, fans are going nuts for the new vigilante -- partially spurred by her interactions with live-action CW heroes, Arrow and The Flash -- so it might very well be that DC's animated universe is once again expanding into the empire that it once was in the days of Bruce Timm's iconic animated style.

Details are almost nonexistent on the show otherwise, and it's unclear which network it will premiere on if it gets past pre-production. Stay tuned for more news as it develops.


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