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Alisha Grauso

Happy birthday to actor Garrett Hedlund! He turns 31 today.

The actor, whose first, breakout role was Patroclus in 2004's Troy, is best known by fans for his roles of Sam Flynn in the TRON reboot, TRON: Legacy, and Murtagh in Eragon. And many more fans have clamored to see him cast in some sort of superhero role, now that he's come close to being both Captain America and Star-Lord. Personally, I'm holding out for him to be cast as the new Indiana Jones.

Hedlund is an under-the-radar sort of actor, but keeps busy with a variety of roles, like showing off his singing pipes in Country Strong, critically-acclaimed indie fare like Inside Llewyn Davis and On the Road, and sweeping period pieces like last year's Unbroken.

With his good looks and roguish kind of charm, Hedlund is known for playing characters that don't necessarily play well with others or fully mesh with polite society. No surprise, then, that we'll next see him in this October's Pan, in which he's playing a younger version of the villainous Hook.


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