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So recently news broke out that during an interview Ezra Miller, who is our beloved Flash, just confirmed that he will make an appearance in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. One of the interesting things that Ezra revealed was that his suit has a "post-apocalyptic feel to it" during the interview. Doesn't that sound interesting? Here's where my theory kicks off.

The desert sequence we saw

What Ezra say about his Flash costume makes me believe he will appear in the desert sequence we saw in the recent trailer for Batman vs. Superman. Seeing as the world we saw in the desert scene looks post-apocalyptic, and what Batman is wearing looks that way as well, you can't help but assume that's where the Flash is gonna appear. Which is interesting actually because it leads to my next point.

Injustice Gods Among Us type feel?

What if it's a world where there is no Justice League and Superman has turned rogue and decided to take over the world, and it up to other heroes to try and stop his regime? Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash would come up with a plan to try and infiltrate his base and take him down. It would definitely have an Injustice type of feel to it, seeing as other heroes in that series did try to take down Superman's regime. Seeing as in that series Batman rounded up a group of heroes to take down Superman. Honestly, this whole desert scene we're seeing has a Injustice vibe to it. I mean, the Superman soldiers...

Evil Superman regime

And, possibly, when other heroes like Flash and Batman break in, they have been spotted and this small outbreak happens.

Which possibly backfires and leads to Batman getting caught.

But who knows, maybe maybe Ezra lied about the whole thing just to blow smoke, or possibly gave us a clue to an interesting scene in the movie. And people, realize it's just a theory and I could be drop dead wrong, so no need to say I'm spoiling the film, because this is just speculation .

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Do you think Flash will appear in the desert scene?


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