ByBrad Dee, writer at

For the last four months, Dan Jurgens has brought us back to the future of Gotham City. Gone is Terry Mcguiness and he has been replaced with ex-Robin Tim Drake. Gone are the solo stories and TV show villains that we remembered, and that has been replaced with a year long storyline about robots and Brother Eye. Gone is the mentor of Bruce Wayne and that has been replaced with no mentor at all. Most fans have already turned their back on this comic feeling that it took away everything that was good about Batman Beyond. I chose to stay on this book till the completion of the initial storyline to see what it was all going. I am the first to admit that this series has it's faults. This issue removed all storyline purposes to give us a giant fight for the survival of Gotham City.

At the end of last issue, Gotham was under attack by the robots of Brother Eye. They arrived in the only part of the world that was safe because Tim had screwed up, and given Brother Eye their location by accident. What followed in this issue was all out action in the classic DC style. Sure, that has some positives and it didn't affect the storyline at all because not really much happened in it. Sure, we have some mystery about the Justice League that Micron said in this issue to make us think that not everything is as it seems in this future. We also have a cliffhanger that brings us into the world of the Batman comics in the present day that makes us think that Jurgens has more in store with this series then we originally believed. Regardless, this was not a bad issue and makes me actually interested in what will happen next month. All that action is brought to us by Bernard Chang who mixes the war-torn environment into a future scape, and a future city with a seamless flow where everything goes together though it really shouldn’t. Brother Eye’s forces too are a mix of familiar robot constructs and twisted nightmares. As an issue, this one wasn't all that bad. It has improved from the last few issues, or maybe I have just gotten used to the change. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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