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As a reader of this site you are absolutely the demographic that Kirby Krackle are making music for. Kirby Krackle are a geek-rock band, they make amazing music that focusses on their interests. As well as at least a few of yours, I guarantee it. Their songs have been about anything from a specific superhero to a hit TV series like Game of Thrones or True Detective.

The writing and subject matter is awesome in itself but the music is also fantastic. They have a very unique musical style, one that is very versatile, by this I mean that their songs range from upbeat positive rock to slower acoustic tracks. For example "Are You Satisfied With Your Care?" based on Big Hero 6 is a very different song to "Ring Capacity". Which is written from the perspective of Hal Jordan in a battle with Sinestro. The song submerges Green Lantern fans in that universe, there was even a campaign to get the song on the soundtrack for the 2011 Green Lantern movie. The battle wasn't won however that may be a blessing in disguise as that movie sucked and in no way deserved such an awesome song on the soundtrack. With that being said there is a Green Lantern Corps movie coming in 2020, so lets try and get it on that one, Krackleheads.

The music always captures the spirit of the franchise it is paying tribute to, so as a fan you feel fully immersed in the thing you are passionate about. However KK don't just write songs about a specific comic book character or beloved movie series, they also play songs about a general experience that geeks all share. For example "Dusty Cartridges & Long Boxes" is about the combination of love and geek-culture.

I should say, you don't have to be an expert on all things cult entertainment to enjoy Kirby Krackle, some of their songs are not that geeky at all. For example "When I Miss You". Virtually everyone watches The Walking Dead now and would therefore appreciate the writing of "Zombie Apocalypse".

Furthermore, the time and effort the band put into their fans is inspiring. They work tirelessly to provide more excellent content, Kyle Stevens even makes Youtube videos teaching fans how to play their songs. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this band, I am a self confessed Kracklehead to the core. Just like Moviepilot Kirby Krackle are all about community. That is the very definition of geekdom I suppose.


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