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Most of the time I turn to Disney movies to have a good laugh, to sing along, or to be transported back to a time when I didn't have to pay for rent or schedule my own doctor's appointments. While much of the Disney and Pixar movies are filled with feel-good moments, there are some that are more likely to send me into a dark mental place.

Here are, in no particular order, seven Disney movie deaths that are surprisingly dark for children's movies. Be forewarned, I'm not really going for the heartbreaking deaths, this is a list of unwarranted or unbearable deaths that I wouldn't wish on anyone!

1. Super Deaths, The Incredibles

Okay, so these deaths aren't actually shown in the film, but that doesn't make their story and less sad. After finding the Kronos file, Mr. Incredible is met with a slew of fallen heroes who all met their end at the hand of Syndrome and his machines. Flipping through the file of 15+ dead Supers always makes my heart sink.

Plus, coming face to face with Gazerbeam who perished on the island was scary and some seriously dark stuff.

2. Clayton's Hanging, Tarzan

I guess for the most part it's inherently less sad when the villain dies. But the way Clayton from Tarzan went is downright terrifying. After struggling with Tarzan high in the trees, he cuts himself from the vines. Unbeknownst to him, the only vine he didn't cut was the one wrapped around his neck.

Viewers are left with the silhouette of Clayton's body hanging, highlighted by brief flashes of lightning.

4. Doctor Facilier Joins the Dark Side, The Princess and the Frog

For all of his bragging and boasting about having friends on the dark side, by the end of The Princess and the Frog, we're convinced that it was somewhat less than cordial.

After Doctor Facilier is unable to pay back his debts to the Voodoo spirits, and being unable to talk his way out of it, the masked spirits come to collect their dues and drag Facilier into the spirit world where he will exist for all eternity. I know the man was dark, but that's one of the scariest deaths I could imagine.

4. Quasimodo's Mother, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This scene probably wouldn't make a lot of people's lists, but for one reason or another the way Quasimodo's mother dies really gets to me.

After Claude Frollo accuses her of stealing goods in a bundled blanket (which is actually her attempt to protect young Quasimodo), he chases her through the icy streets of Paris. She arrives at Notre Dame and pounds on the door, begging for sanctuary. Before anyone answers her, Frollo grabs the blanket and kicks her away. She slams her head on the stairs below dies on the steps of Notre Dame.

5. Claude Frollo's Hellfire, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

After what he did to...well, everyone, I think Claude Frollo deserved some serious karma. That being said, falling into a vat of molten copper isn't a great way to go. I guess with all his talk of hellfire, it was the only appropriate option!

Speaking of, just about any of the Disney villains falling to their death is dark. I think all Disney evil-doers need to take an Edna Mode-esque precautionary stance and simply say "No standing near high ledges."

6. Oysters on the Half Shell, Alice in Wonderland

This is pretty much showing the brutal murder of these little pink baby oysters! Against the protest of their mother, the curious little shellfish are lured to the surface by a hungry walrus who then proceeds to eat them.

It might not be the saddest death in all of Disney history - that crown still belongs to Mufasa in my book - but these poor little guys never had a chance. The minute they spy the menu reading "Oysters on the half shell," they realize their fate just a little too late.

7. Judge Doom Gets Dipped, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Disney, are you kidding me with this? Maybe it's because it was live-action. Or perhaps it was because I was expecting a lighthearted comedy, but this scene still scares the bajeezus out of me.

Once again, it's a villain dying, so Judge Doom isn't getting any sympathy votes from me. But seeing his body squeeze through the steamroller paired with his panicked screams, and then watching him doused in the Dip until he melts isn't any less terrifying today than when I was five. Plus, those eyes!

Since this list is just my opinion of some of the darker Disney death scenes, there are plenty more that I'm sure scared you even more as a kid. Which Disney deaths had you fearing the grim reaper? Let me know in the comments section!

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