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I am a huge fan of Arrow and Olicity, I love writing fanfics, and I'm insanely organized with lists! The particular list below grew from one of my stories (which I hope to post here soon) and continues to inspire my works for a lighter, fluffier Team Arrow. The list is meant to have been started by Roy but it has some input from Felicity as well and has also been revised a few times since S2!

I must admit that readers of my stories have inspired some of these and I always appreciate additional input! If you have more Lessons you'd like to see added then just let me know! I would like to continue to add and maybe even find inspiration for new fanfic stories as well!


1. Do NOT get (or even try to get) between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak.

2. Maintain a 5' perimeter around Felicity's computers - do not touch them without express permission and written instructions. Archery lessons within 10' are now allowed either.

3. Felicity has no brain/ mouth filter especially after taking an aspirin - ignore any and all inappropriate ramblings and behavior (esp. toward Oliver - See Lesson #1). If Oliver is not around, some teasing is allowed and expected.

4. Topics NOT to discuss with Oliver include but are not limited to: the Gambit, the five years during which nothing good happened, his scars.

5. Do not lie to Team members (withholding information does count as lying unless it concerns Oliver's five years on/ off the Island).

6. Everyone is afraid of something. Felicity is afraid of heights (see Lesson #1). The Team is afraid of Felicity.

7. Team Arrow does vote but never bet against Felicity.

8. Even Oliver's super human control its limits - there's no shame in standing behind Felicity during those times.

9. Plan A never works, Plan B's success rate is 50/50 at best, Plan C frequently fails as well so have Plans D, E, and F ready. Also have an exit strategy, preferably one that does not include windows and Tarzan impersonations (especially if you are sweaty).

10. Food and drink rules: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is the best way to process. Russian vodka is the drink of choice for serious conversations.

11. The Team sucks at cover stories...however, if you lie badly enough (aka sports drinks are often carried in syringes) then others may not bother asking for the truth.

12. Diggle is all-knowing and all-seeing so just assume that he knows what's going on even if no one else does.

13. Basic Mission Goals are always to NOT get shot, kidnapped, stabbed, or blown up; however, everyone gets medical training as no one has learned this Lesson yet.

14. Communication is important...and sometimes even requires words, sometimes even more than 3 words. It is expensive to keep replacing training dummies so learn to share with the Team.

15. Strength isn't enough. You need focus, precision, control, and balance (aka ninja skills). Ninja skills aren't enough. You need good intel, a good plan/ plans, and a good Team.

16. Topics NOT to discuss with Felicity include: Russia, her "promotions", and never, ever ask her to bring you coffee (if you are Oliver). You can ask her about her battle scar.

17. Riding off into the sunset for happily ever after can get pretty boring.

Arrow season 4 begins October 7 on The CW.


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