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During the course of "Secret Wars", we have been inside of a number of tie-ins that are supposed to relate to the overall series. Some of the crossovers have failed to deliver while others have left is scratching our head wondering what it even had to do with "Secret Wars". But, this comic, which had all the potential in the world to be a total mess actually turned out to be the most consistent book of the series in terms of quality and art. Thors is meant to be a cop drama, a mystery and also a superhero book all thrown into one. The actual storyline involved the Thor Corps trying to solve a mystery regarding the death of a number of people who all share the same name. By the end of last issue, they had their suspect, and Loki was brought in for questioning.

On the surface, this issue has all the elements of something I normally wouldn't like. It's a whole bunch of Thors, it's a police procedural, and a giant chunk of this book is two people, sitting in a room, talking. However, put all of those things together, and somehow, it becomes the best comic I've read this week. Having Thor interrogate Loki was one of the most intense scenes of the week. The writing of Jason Aaron and the art by Chris Sprouse helped to add the tension in the pages that show that Ultimate Thor would stoop to any level to help solve the murders that have plagued Battleworld in the last few months. Loki, being the prince of lies, helps to add to the tension, and in the process tells us that he knows that something is not right in the Marvel universe right now. By the end, we do have the huge reveal that we have waited for. But, this reveal is nothing compared to what will be coming next for this series, and for the Thor book in general following "Secret Wars". Overall, THORS #3 continues to deliver a great issue in a surprisingly awesome series. The creative team mixes Thor and police procedurals in a way that really works and this book just looks beautiful as well. Easily, this is one of the best books of the week and something you need to check out. I give this issue a 9 out of 10.


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