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A couple of days ago, I posted a summer animation showdown article pitting The Minions against Inside Out. The full article can be found here. To summarize, Minions beat Inside Out at the box office but fell short when it came to critical and audience appreciation. To break the tie, I thought it'd be fun to let the Moviepilot community pick their favourite among the two!

So without further ado, it pleases me to announce that Inside Out won with 100% of the the votes! I'll now proceed to quote a few people on why they chose Inside Out:

"After reviewing both movies, the one that deserves the crown must be Inside Out because it was the most emotional. Although Minions was the one I got the most laughter from, Inside Out really caught my eye for the idea of using the mind as a location. Minions didn't gave much detail about the background story. As a result, I give the crown to Inside Out." - Ivan Garcia

"I picked Inside Out cause I loved it so much as three times in theaters, plus it had a great message like other Pixar films. Minions was alright but I still love the minions they're adorable but it's just so much they can do in the movie, p.s. my dad fell asleep during the movie even when he was excited to see it before it came out" - John Hubbard

"This wasn't too hard of a choice for me. Inside Out was so profound for a kid's movie. It was so moving and honestly the coolest, most accurate portrayal of mental illness and just the struggle of life I've seen in any movie. Minions was cute but I sort of wanted more from it... the story was lacking in my opinion." - Jasmyn Spann

Now, at this point I'd like to take a minute to point out that Minions is a winner in it's own way. I believe the outcome of this poll would have been VERY different if a younger demographic had been asked. While Inside Out was an adventure catered to both children and adults, Minions was the out and out fun colourful kiddie entertainer. To this point I'd like to quote another comment:

"My cousins who are 7 and 11 weren't even into it. They thought it was boring and weird haha. It was a little too deep for them." - Jasmyn Spann speaking of Inside Out.

All said and done, it was an incredible summer for animation as both these films were hugely successful in their own regard. A little 'end of summer' treat by the name of Shaun The Sheep opened small to big appreciation too. While it didn't take off in North America, it found a respectable audience worldwide.

Thanks to all that read/voted/commented and here's hoping that years ahead are filled with more gems like Inside Out and kiddie treats like Minions!


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