ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the last few years Deadpool has been consistent in terms of giving us books that we really can't that too seriously. He has destroyed the entire Marvel universe, taken on zombies on two occasions now, became Zen-pool and has sworn that he is an Avenger(hey, he really is one starting next month). But now, he's in the fight of his life against a being that he stands no chance of defeating. That being is Thanos. But, what would a monster like Thanos want with a fight with Deadpool? Well, how about the notion that both characters have a sick infatuation with Death? Deadpool wants to die and Thanos loves to kill? I guess that's reason in itself.

Writer Tim Seeley quickly settles into Deadpool's world in this issue. Similar to the recent Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars, there's a jumbled chronology approach to the story that cuts between a hyper-violent reunion between the two characters and the events leading up to that encounter. It does seem like that approach is more trouble than it's worth in terms of setting up up this pairing. This is more a team-up story than a real, extended battle between Deadpool and Thanos, but this entire opening chapter is devoted to setting the stage for said team-up. The conflict could be moving at a more brisk pace, especially in light of an opening scene that, while amusing, doesn't really add anything to the story. The art by Elmo Bondoc does fit the comic style that the writing conveys. Now, let's be serious. None of what we read in a Deadpool comic should be taken seriously. It's meant as a spoof usually and is normally just meant for giggles. This issue is pretty much the same. By the end, this book becomes a chaotic team-up that might be to good to be true. The best is that they are able to merge goofy and serious ideas into this comic book so that it can make fans of both Thanos and Deadpool happy. I give this book a 8 out of 10.


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