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Alisha Grauso

At the end of the first season of [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765), there was a huge shake-up in the SSR when tough-but-fair Chief Roger Dooley sacrificed himself to save his team.

Since Chad Michael Murray's Agent Jack Thompson, who has shown himself to totally be the "THAT guy" of the team took all of the credit for Peggy Carter's legwork and heroics, it appeared as though he'd be next in line to be promoted to Chief.

But a new image from season two reveals that it might be the kind-hearted, earnest Agent Daniel Sousa who gets the big promotion, instead:

Soooo...what happened there? We know Murray will be reprising his role as Thompson, so will he do something to fall out of the good graces of the higher-ups? Or will Sousa become the head of an entirely different organization? We know that they're moving to Los Angeles for the upcoming season, so perhaps Sousa will be heading up the West Coast branch? And for the love of God, when will Peggy get the credit she's due?

Agent Carter season 2 premieres January 2016.


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