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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Marvel Studios has undergone some tremendous managerial changes this past week. Well, it seems as if we have some clarity as to why Disney is forcing its hand behind all of these shakeups. The original Avengers film was a smash hit for both Marvel and Disney but it's sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, was less than impressive in Disney's eyes. Disney reportedly considers Age of Ultron a grave disappointment, both financially and performance wise. Was it really that bad?

Was Age of Ultron really a disappointment?

It's hard to imagine that a movie that grossed $1.4 billion up to this point would be considered a disappointment, but apparently Disney thinks just that. Avengers: Age of Ultron was certainly not perfect, but I thought was a pretty good film and it did very well at the box office. Disney has reportedly had many issues with Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac Perlmutter and the direction he is going in, so they seemed to have used Age of Ultron's less than pleasing earnings (in their eyes) as the last straw. Disney has completely under cut Marvel and taken over all film operations, but is Age of Ultron really the reason?

Age of Ultron to blame for Marvel Studios shakeup?

Within the last week, Disney has taken on all film operations and separated itself completely from Marvel Entertainment. It started when Kevin Feige was informed he would no longer answer to Marvel Entertainment CEO Issac Perlmutter and will report solely to Chief of Walt Disney Studios Alan Horn. It was no secret that Feige and Perlmutter butted heads from time to time, so Feige likely used Disney's lack of approval for Age of Ultron to overstep Perlmutter completely. Then, Marvel announced that they had disbanded the Creative Committee, a group of comic writers and alumni who gave feedback and ideas for the films, in a quite surprising manor. Nonetheless, Disney was not happy with how Age of Ultron did financially and they believe Perlmutter and his creative committee are the ones to blame. Disney obviously has complete faith in Kevin Feige, so let's all hope they are right. Hopefully Marvel can still head in the right direction, despite all the changes, as they could make a big difference!


Would you consider Avengers: Age of Ultron a disappointment?

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