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[Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials](tag:1142567) is blazing around the corner quickly with a UK release date of September 10th, and a US release following on September 18th. The long-awaited sequel to last year's The Maze Runner - the cinematic adaptation of the first novel in author James Dashner's young adult dystopian series - has revealed a brand-spanking-new clip, ripe for your viewing pleasure in anticipation of the release date(s).

Check it out below!

Annnd now we're going to break this little video down. Who are these people? Where exactly are the 'Gladers?' And for the love of WCKD, what on Earth is even happening?!

Now, now, my fellow fangirls, fanboys, and anyone else who's stumbled across this post, calm down. Let's all just relax here, okay? I have all the answers all of us roaring book & movie fans need, right here for you.

First up,

Where are the Gladers?

Without revealing too much and spoiling major plot details, I can say that our beloved Gladers have simply stumbled across this place in their efforts to survive. Upon discovering the new location, they come into direct contact with the rest of the fine folks you see throughout this clip. Most notably Jorge, played by Giancarlo Esposito and Brenda, played by Rosa Salazar.

So, who exactly are Jorge and Brenda?

Jorge and Brenda are new characters to the series, introduced in the second book, and therefore the second movie. Both characters remain a little ambiguous for various reasons, with not much being known about either mysterious newcomer.

What we do know about the pair, though? Well, check the spoiler hidden text below if you really want to know what I do....

Jorge is a former pilot for WCKD and Brenda is an orphan of sorts, who lost her parents in the midst of the Flare Virus chaos.

Whether or not these two characters will end up being friend or foe to our Gladers, we won't discover until the release of [Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials](tag:1142567).

Or you know, you could pick up a book. Preferably, the book(s) that this fiery new franchise is based off of!

"You came from WCKD... which means, you're very, valuable."

Well, that's awfully and annoyingly cryptic, isn't it?

Not quite. We know that the WCKD was setup and formed by the world's leading governments in an amassed endeavour to find a cure for the Flare Virus. We know that WCKD trapped the Gladers in the Maze, but why? We're not too sure on that one just yet. But if they went to such great lengths to keep the Gladers under their watchful eye, then we at least know that Jorge must be on to something; that the Gladers, specifically Thomas (as he was the one scanned in the clip. That must be purposeful, right?) are valuable indeed and could perhaps be of great use to Jorge and his group in some way?

How so? Could the Gladers be used as a bargaining chip for Jorge's group? They appear to be living decently, but with the Flare Virus out in full swing, is anywhere at all safe anymore? Could a deal with WCKD possibly buy the new clan a more comfortable and accommodating existence?

With Thomas now leading the group, it's up to him to keep his friends safe and dangerous encounters, like the one above, could easily turn hostile. Does Thomas have what it takes to lead his friends to safety? Can Thomas lead the pack into finding out who WCKD really are, and what it is that they want, exactly?

The answers to these questions will come on September 10th for UK fans, and on September 18th for US moviegoers.


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