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I have a penchant for remembering quotes to various movies and being able to effectively use them in conversation. It has gotten so bad that my younger sister thought that these movies - those that which I quote and we haven't seen in quite some time - stole one of my sayings, even if that movie came out long before I was born.

It doesn't normally take me to watch this movie several times over and over again to remember the quotes. I have quotes tucked away after only watching movies once, maybe twice. There is, however, one movie that I can quote all the way through, and because of it no one will watch it with me.

That movie is Happy Feet.

Which may come as a surprise to people who know me well enough. Disney is my go to animated movie center. There are few movies I hold to the same standard as Disney movies. But, Happy Feet is a fantastic movie and beyond beautifully crafted. Warner Bros. did a fantastic job here and they didn't have to kill anyone off or make up their own songs.

I watched this movie so frequently and loved it so wholeheartedly that I watched it every chance I got. It was on my DVR for a good four years, and whenever I had the chance, I would watch it.

The best part of Happy Feet were the ever fabulous, ever sassy amigos.

"Either you got it or not. And the amigos... we got it!" The amigos
"Do you think maybe I could some of it?" Mumble
"Hombre, you've got so much already, you dangerous baby!" The amigos

Even just picking that quote above was so hard because I know so many good ones that could all work here. But I forced myself to pick just one.

The amigos are so fantastic because of how sassy they are (for evidence, reference the scene where they make fun of the leopard seal). But also because of their relationship with Mumble. Mumble was always an outsider in Emperorland, but on Adelieland and with the amigos, he fits in and feels welcome. They accepted him for who he is and not for the fact he can't sing or hasn't lost his baby feathers.

On top of the wonderful tale of friendship that is artfully and expertly portrayed in this movie, it shines a stark light on how human actions and interactions affect the world as a whole. The movie did focus on the south pole, but it was enough of a highlight to bring into question how our actions affect the rest of the world and what other intriguing animals we might be killing off simply by trying to keep a booming industry in the world because it brings in profits.

This movie truly is a fantastic movie and I will always be able to watch it and thoroughly enjoy it. In fact, I think I might go watch it right now.

Tune it tomorrow for the grand finale of my 5 Day Movie Challenge where I tell you about a movie that I will pass on to my future kids.


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