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We have all my now have seen or heard about the God awful fantastic four reboot. Now the problem isn't the cast it's more of the story. We always get Dr doom. With every studio quickly trying to jump on the super hero money train they have forgot what gets us coming back to see these movies, the story. So let's start with the rebooted FF. No ones cares how smart reed is as a child. Or the fact that Johnny is a bad apple. Instead of grabbing the viewer they bore us to death with backstory and nonsense. The fact that they are all together only in the last 10 mins. Just hurt the movie. But enough about the movie lets save our superheroes before they are cooked for good

Now FOX if your hearing me the first step in saving the FF new franchise is to do something bold. Something no one has done but what ......,,,,

shoot an new after scene credit and attach it to the DVD. But what Could it be??????????

since we're opening up new doors to new dimensions about they kick the door open to the last FF movie. Bring back the original reed Richard ,Sue Richard and Ben Grimm. Minus Johnny. Since he's off doing captain America things. In this world Johnny dies saving the team and reed is looking for a way to bring Johnny back. The same way X men days of future did. Bridge the gap first then give the newer FF the keys.. The thing vs the thing fight.....anyone

or how about they bring reed Richards back but he is the evil reed Richards and he found the door the other reed/ doom opened. That would make a better villain with the fact he saw his whole team get killed therefore turning him mad with the fact he could save them. So he's out to conquer the world.

make a deal to add namor and have him be the villain he take sue storm and wants her to be his queen.

Finally how about just sell or make a deal with MARVEL.


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