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In July 2017, Marvel Studios will [technically] have their first crack at their prize and joy, Spider-Man. And they're probably gonna end up giving him three movies like everyone else in the MCU, so I've thought of my dream movie schedule for Peter's adventures.

*They aren't even whole movies, just concepts.

Spider-Man: The Next Avenger [or whatever it's gonna be called]

In Pete's first outing back home, he's going to battle [and presumably defeat] Mysterio. He's a good entry-level villian to establish Spidey, and he hasn't been used yet on screen. The movie can do anything in between, but I'd like to see one of the few things we haven't seen in a Spider-Man movie before. Such as Spider-Man on the Avengers. Because let's face it, we've waited for it long enough. For the end credit scene, I think Flash Thompson first donning the symbiote would be pretty damn cool.

Spider-Man: The Last Hunt

After the events of his first movie Infinity War: Part II, Spider-Man is probably a lot more established here. So it would make a lot more sense to do the Kraven's Last Hunt story second than first [as Sony wants to do]. Kraven is a villian in Marvel Comics who hunts only with his wit, senses, and muscles. And long story short, he wants to become the world's most famous hunter by killing Spider-Man. And Kraven's Last Hunt depicts that. Since he may not be ready to take on such a skilled "hunter", he may need some help. So I think he should go to S.H.I.E.L.D, where they give him something nobody's expecting: "Hey, Peter." a voice says. "Flash?", Peter asks. "No," Flash responds, "Agent Venom." Together, the two allies defeat Kraven. And in the end credit scene, it should be revealed that there's more than one universe out there in some way, and more than one Spider-Man [Miles, Gwen, and Miguel, anyone?].


So, the last outing. In this story, in the news of the multiverse theory being proven correct, Peter wonders if there are other Spider-Man out there, too, but doubts it. Shortly after, he sees on the news that a Spider-Man that wasn't him stopping a petty theft. He searches the streets of NYC and finds him. It's Miles Morales. After they talk for a while and patch things up, Miles says there are two more that he's seen: Miguel O'Hara [Spider-Man 2099], and Spider-Gwen. They then go back to Miguel and Gwen. The two inform Miles and Peter that Norman Osborn, wealthy billionaire, is threatening the existence of all four Spider-People. So they stop him and that's the end of the Spider-Trilogy

Well, that's my Spider-Trilogy plan. Tell me what you think below!


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