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Baldwin Collins

This is just a rumour i hope, Hugh's a great actor and playing James Bond 007 in my opinion for him would be Great, But that was 10 years ago when the opportunity was offered to him according to media reports, he was considered during the casting for Casino Royale 2006, But declined the role back then. leaving the role vacant to Daniel Craig. the wolverine character for Hugh is his signature role today. and according to media reports his giving fans his last appearance as wolverine in a possible wolverine 3 movie, which would be about the same time another James Bond movie would be in post-production

there has been many famous actors who we're A-list stars at the time when sir Sean Connery gave-up the role. Clint Eastwood was offered the role and said it wasn't his gig. and turned it down. Burt Reynolds was also a Legendary film and t v star considered for the role. James Brolin another Established star even screen tested for the role. So whats my point you may ask. James Bond needs a near unknown to be convincing on screen and thats where Daniel Craig's has succeeded, if you Believe hugh jackman at this later date could still play James Bond let us know why.


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