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We all know and love this hilarious and mental mercenary with a mouth. In fact, we all love him so much, he is getting his own movie!

Get to know Deadpool

Wade Wilson, or better known as Deadpool, is a fictional antihero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Deadpool is a very... eccentric character. Before he became known by this name, he was an expert assassin. Wilson's story suddenly turns to the next chapter when he finds out he has cancer in his liver, lungs, prostate, and brain. Desperate for a cure, Wilson joins the Weapon X program where he was infused with Wolverine's healing factor. This boosted healing factor cured his cancer, but at the price of seriously scarring his body. While his healing ability comes from the manipulated genes of Wolverine, his mind is always in a state of healing (which enables him to be immune to any kind of psychic manipulation- which was also the reason why he went insane. Or just heightened his sense of reality.... it's kind of hard to tell with a character who actually knows he's inside of a comic book.) Deadpool's healing ability is controlled by will, so that means he can heal whenever he wants! This gives him practically superhuman stamina, amazing reaction time, and a boost to the already deadly strength and abilities he had before he joined the Weapon X program. A little bit more about his healing abilities: chopping off his head won't kill him. Ripping out his organs can't kill him. Tearing him to pieces won't kill him. If you take away a limb or body part, he can survive completely fine without it. And, once he finds it again, he can just reattach it!

So, now that you know about our beloved maniac, here are a few things that I personally think should happen in his new movie. (Which is coming out February 12, 2016 in the USA):

1. Deadpool Should DEFINITELY Break the Fourth Wall

As all of us Deadpool fans know, in the comics, Deadpool is known to break the fourth wall. He is completely aware that he is inside of a comic book universe (or in this case, hopefully a cinematic universe) and even acknowledges it throughout the book. I mean, just imagine him doing it in his movie! Wouldn't that be awesome!

2. Have an Amazing Villain to Fight

You've seen his epic combat skills, right? I mean, the guy can teleport (in the video game), has some awesome gun and sword skills, and he can heal himself at will! Wouldn't you just love to see a villain trying to keep up with this epic, chimichanga loving, self healing maniac! Who wouldn't! Not to mention his hilarious jokes he blurts out while engaged in battle at just the right moment.

3. Give us Some Epic Action!

Deadpool is an amazing fighter with a whole lot of skill! Also, the most obvious reason for this is: He's Deadpool.

4. Make it Absolutely, Positively Ridiculous

Just give this guy some fireworks, a shopping cart, maybe a Nyan Cat blaster or two... oh yeah! And give him a ginormous army of squids or floating death balloons. Just make it epic. And give him a Poolmobile. He needs a Poolmobile.

5. Last But Not Least, Deadpool Babes

Deadpool's perverted behavior should definitely be shown in this movie. Have him fantasize about Rogue, Domino, Lady Death, and most of the X-Men women. It doesn't ALL have to be about fighting. Also, I think Deadpool would be very happy if this were to happen.

And those are some examples of things that I want to happen in the Deadpool movie.


Do you agree? Don't forget to add your ideas in the comments!


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