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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

The CW network has provided with an exclusive first look at Diggle's new costume for Season 4 of Arrow! As the new team leader for Team Arrow while Oliver is absent, it is vital that he has some sort of suit to protect himself while battling in the streets of Starling.

While this is merely concept art, it was officially released by the CW, so this is a good idea of what we will expect come next season. Back at Comic-Con, they stated that Diggle WOULD NOT be wearing a mask, but they never said anything about a helmet! A kind of Magneto-Style helmet at that. The suit looks pretty cool and Diggle is definitely battle ready at this point. Only one question remains however: what superhero will he portray?

Watch out Starling! The Guardian may have arrived!

One of the many helmeted characters in the DC Universe, The Guardian has always been a pretty cool character and he is a pretty tough fellow. The Guardian has no superpowers and, similarly to Captain America, he carries around an indestructible shield. While no shield seems to be present in this photo, it is possible Diggle could somehow acquire one at some point in the season. Diggle fits the description of The Guardian as he himself has no powers and is merely trained in hand to hand combat. Another possibility is the Gangbuster, but I think Diggle is geared more towards The Guardian.

Diggle should be great!

No matter what helmeted DC character Diggle will portray, if any at all, it will be fun to see Diggle develop as a character this season. He will definitely be taking on a more important role along with Black Canary and Speedy, who will all attempt to clean up the streets until Oliver returns. Diggle will be a main focus of the season and it should be amazing!

Diggle's new look will appear in the Season 4 premier of Arrow October 7th on The CW.


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