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Tyler Ourada
he's just mad that Joel wasn't the hero he thought he would be so he's branded Joel a villain, and just wants to do away with him any way possible. he fails to realize what The Last Of Us is truly about. His posts are more about what he thinks would make a good zombie video game, and not what would make a good Last Of Us game. He claims to know so much about this game, but he hasn't even played the DLC until earlier this year (he said so himself in one of his posts). He doesn't realize that Joel was not meant to be a hero or a villain, he is a man trying to survive, and trying to protect the ones he loves, and he doesn't always make the right decisions, but, at least the one made in the end of the game, at least had good intentions, he wasn't just trying to spare himself some pain, he was saving an innocent life, the life of someone he cares about. Kenny views Ellie as an object, when the hole game was devoted to building her up to be such a strong character. This guy has even said this line in one of his articles "or maybe Joel accidentally kills Ellie, to show the consequences of selfish murderous behavior". that is not a line spoken by someone who has any respect for these characters or this game. (he has taken this line out, probably 'cause I called him out on it, but he still said it), Kenny if you see this, RESPOND TO MY COMMENT! and let's discuss this!

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