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Skyy Walker
So silly that when it comes to race the only comparison that is done is Sports...why is that David? You asked the question, but Im sure you dont really want the answer, or you would have found it, using the internet..where you are here asking the question..... However by your math I guess Nikki should be playing Football or Basketball. /ROFL But yes most other races have a long way to go to catch up to White America, that is a true statement but not for the reasons you think. Not trying to be rude, but why ask a question you dont give two squirts of Duck dung for the answer? And you miss the reason for Nikki's statement altogether. Or you wouldnt have tried to justify it with your "stats." Wont get into it, as these types of conversations should only be had with people that have open minds and a MUTUAL respect for each other and either truth or knowledge. Not being nasty here, but by your statements, I can see a debate or conversation with you wouldnt end in drinking a few beers afterward.

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