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As you may know, Marvel's Jessica Jones netflix series has wrapped up filming and should premiere in the fourth- quarter of 2015 (October, November, or December). Meanwhile, Marvel's Daredevil season 2 is entering its 3rd moth of production and hopes to get it out around the same time as the first season did (March-April 2016). But this week, all eyes have to turn to the 3rd Marvel series that's been ordered: Marvel's Luke Cage. Luke Cage is a wrongly accused criminal who gets a second chance at life after prison when he obtains super-strength and bulletproof skin.

The casting of Luke Cage has already been made as Mike Colter (Halo: Nightfall), is set to first take the role in this fall's Jessica Jones series before transitioning to his own solo series by next year. Colter was the only cast member in the series for the longest time before another joined the series.

There was Vincent D'onofrio (Jurassic World, Law and Order) as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin and soon we will see David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch) as Zebediah Kilgrave/The Purple Man. Each series has its big villain and Cage may have found his. Veteren Actress Alfre Woodard (Cross Creek, Hill Street Blues, The Core) has been cast as someone known as "Minetta", a powerful woman in local politics who will have an impact on Luke Cage's life.

To a lot of people, this is rumored to be a version of the Marvel Villainess, Black Mariah. She is Professional criminal and drug dealer and one the main antagonists to both Luke Cage and his buddy Iron Fist. It still isn't confirmed whether this speculation is actually true. Marvel's Luke Cage began principal photography in New York City this week and right off the bat, reports have come in 4 more people who are joining the series.

For one example: Rosario Dawson (Unstoppable, Sin City) will be reprising her role of Claire Temple from the Daredevil series as a guest on Luke Cage, just like she'll be doing this fall on Jessica Jones. That will make Dawson the one person that connects all three Marvel series to date. No word on whether she'll appear in Iron Fist as well.

At the same time as the Dawson reveal, reports that Sons of Anarchy star Theo Rossi has joined the series as the Villain known as Shades.

Just a couple hours after that, Simone Missick (A Taste of Romance, Ray Donovan), was cast in the key role of Marvel heroine Misty Knight, a former NYPD officer with a bionic arm.

And if that wasn't enough; just today Marvel announced that Mahershala Ali (House of Cards, Hunger Games: Mockinjay) had been cast in the previously rumored villain role of Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes. Stokes is pimp a nd druglord from the comics who tries to hire Cage to work for him, but Cage refused. For the series he is described as

... a Harlem nightclub owner, who will become an unexpected foe in Luke's life when Stoke's criminal activities threaten Luke's world.

There is still no word on whether the leaked synopsis was in fact real or whether the mentioned villain Willis Stryker/Diamondback will make an appearance, but we are all hot on the trail to find out more about this series; if this is what they released in 2 days, who knows what they'll do for the weekend!

Marvel's Jessica Jones is currently in post-production with a fourth-quarter 2015 window release. Marvel's Daredevil season 2 is currently filming and hopes to release around the same time season 1 released this year. Marvel's Luke Cage has just begun filming this week and should release for next summer (hopefully).


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