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Skyy Walker

Please remember when posting, some people WILL reply to your posts and NOT share your opinion. When they use the word YOU, do not take it personally, unless it is clear that they are in FACT talking directly to YOU: IE "You ^&** piece of &*(*() YOU should &*(^& Drown in a %^*^&* fire! That means they are talking directly to YOU. IE "You shouldn't want the lesser of two evils when choosing a Role Model for your child." Don't run off to that person and wage a war that in turn becomes the very thing the article you are both posting on. Very child like isn't it? Besides attacking them personally only shows your true mental age of 2, and its bothersome.

Most people today are self centered and full of *&* anyway and use computer screens to hide behind. You may think you cant be found, but if someone REALLY wanted to get to you, its very easy to find where you are, you tell the world every time you log onto a computer. That is why children should be watched when using such internet sites, we wouldn't want anything happening to you. If you have thin skin and cant converse like an adult and have to get emotionally involved, posting IS NOT FOR YOU. Please log off your computer, remove yourself from ALL Social Media site, sell the computer, and go outside grab your big wheel and play with your little friends. You can by a new computer and rejoin the adults when you GROW TF UP!


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