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Christian .O. Ortiz

Certain readers laugh out loud when they read certain books. Most of the time when books turn into films movie directors tend to stick to the roots of the book. So if a book has comedy then the film would most likely be a comedy. For the book "The Human Women Guide," it's different. In The Human Women Guide, certain statements that are made in the book simply sound hilarious. That was the goal. But although some statements in the book are funny the film based on the book will be very serious and rather "dark". The movie will not be narrated either. Some people assume that because the book is a guide, there will be some sort of narration. It will be a normal film with characters, a deep storyline and more. The point of the story is to be as realistic and serious as possible. People giggling constantly while watching the movie is something the film should not and will not deliver.


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