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We all know Batman could win just about every battle with or without Preparation. Here are 5 people he couldn't beat even with Preparation.

5.) Doctor Strange

All the preparation in the world couldn't prepare Batman for this battle. This Master Magician would surely give Batman a hard time and win while doing it. With the power and knowledge of just about all magic, Dr. Strange could put Batman in forever ending loop in an instant. Not someone you wanna mess with. He even wills the world's flow of time to cease with no problems.

4.) Dr. Manhattan

#4 on the list we have Dr. Manhattan. With the power of Super-human strength



Full control of matter at sub-atomic level, can create and destroy matter

Reactive adaptation/evolution

Duplication (Ability to create fully independent copies of himself)

Force-field creation

Projection of destructive energy

Full perception of time (perceiving past, present, future simultaneously)

Physiological manipulation


I mean the list goes on and on, I don't see Batman anywhere near a victory in this fight.

3.) Dr. Doom

Another Dr. added to the list we have Dr. Doom. Being one of Marvel's most powerful villains, he has a lot and I mean a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Being known to have Genius-level intellect

Skilled scientist and sorcerer

Master of the dark arts

Skilled hand to hand combatant

Mind transferal


Electricity manipulation

Energy absorption and projection

How could Batman ever compete with this? Here he is taking a hit from Thanos... Thanos!

2.) Deadpool. (Immortal version)

For those who know Deadpool you already know why he's on this list. For those who don't... well just take a look.

He can do all of that and much more. He even beat up Captain America!

And here's a little bonus.

1.) Squirrel Girl

Yep as my #1 pick I chose Squirrel Girl. A very underestimated hero, Squirrel Girl brings a lot to the table. Superb hand to hand combatant

Superhuman strength and agility

Enhanced smell, reflexes and vision.

Not the BEST power set but don't think that's all! She even beat Dr. Doom and Mandarin.

And Also

Who else do you think Batman can't take down? Be sure to comment below and follow for more!


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