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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most successful in the movie business today. They are in a golden age destroying the box office whenever a movie comes out. You can think what you want about the movies, all movies are suggestive, but in reality, the MCU has never had a flop, ever since Iron Man back in 2008 right through to Ant-Man in 2015. Some are better than others, but they are all good movies. I did my list of least to best movies, so you can go read that if you want. There has been a lot of news about how earlier this week, Disney confirmed that Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, would no longer report to Isaac Perlmutter of Marvel Entertainment, instead going directly to Alan Horn, chief of Walt Disney Studios. Yay, more creative freedom we could say, but what does this really mean?

Marvel's Movies and TV will become more seperated

Feige will be reporting to Horn for the movies, but Jeph Loeb, who's in charge of TV, will still be reporting to Perlmutter. This will be run under the same roof but two separate productions, so they are going to have to find a way to figure out how to connect the movies and shows, and we know Feige really isn't concerned about connecting them.

Too much creative freedom? Smells familiar...

Now Feige and the rest of the team are now having more freedom, it smells like George Lucas and the prequels. Hopefully the team can work together and make the MCU continue. Perlmutter denied many ideas of Feige, including putting more characters in the movie, which crams the movie, and in result is bad. Without Perlmutter, how crowded will the movies get? Hopefully not that much because I really want to continue to put my trust in Marvel Studios. Also, a big shock came out recently:

Kevin Feige was about to LEAVE Marvel!?!

WOAH! Things must've have gotten really tense because Feige owns this universe. He and Perlmutter we're fighting over no other than the budget for Captain America: Civil War. Feige wanted the budget to be bigger and have more characters and Perlmutter didn't let him. Feige complained and now all of this.


I may have made this all sound negative but really, this could go both ways. The Marvel team has been close to perfection with Feige and the gang. The reason things aren't even better could be because of Perlmutter, this could work really well. Disney CEO's know that Marvel Studios know what they're doing and they don't need to pull a Fox and interrupt the project and take away set pieces and changing the scripts, Fant4stic! On the other hand, this could be worse because TV could be less and less connected. If this happens, they should separate them completely.


Is Marvel reporting under Horn and Disney a good thing?

What do YOU guys think about this news? Tell me below!


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