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I don't know how you compare the movements to BO2 at all. I have been going back and forth between them and there is not much to compare. BO2's run, jump, shouldering, sight pictures and firing is in a class by itself. When I went back to the new beta I felt clumsy. The movement seemed out of sync with each step and the aim/fire sequence was arcade like. The realism was not there. BO2 has the most realistic movement model of any game I have played. I don't agree with all that BO2 does but it is far above the rest when it comes to realistic response.

Game developers I know you have to sell your ideas of projected sales to the "suits" but they probably don't play as much as the rest of us. Quit trying to do it all yourselves and let the players tell you what they want and WHY they still play some of the old games. BF4 did a similar thing and just came out with their "night" maps. If you have not played them you should. They are probably some of the best maps in BF4! Go back and do the same with BO2 and increase it's realism where needed. There are plenty of vets out there who can advise you on your ideas. From personal experience the game noise generated when running and jumping would get you killed in action very quickly in a real combat experience. When in the field we would tape anything that made a noise that could not be discarded! Some of the running noise sounded like a tin can full of marbles! Well, not that bad but you get my point. Make it even more real. Don't break what is there. Tweak the game engine and concentrate on the "Hardcore" version for realities sake. If you want to play arcade games there are plenty out there for everyone but for the hardcore fans... who cares? It is about a level of skill and agility that grabs the true gamer. Concentrate on developing code that deals with issues of lag and internet connection vagaries and syncing everyone's site picture. That is what real gamers complain about. Accomplish that and you will have the game of games. Then all you have to do is periodically develop new maps and engines versions that take advantage of new technologies. Your development costs would be less and more incremental. Your profits would then increase without increases in game prices and your loyal gaming public would continue to grow. Smaller more dedicated teams of developers could hone their skills in one arena and contribute on a level that is impossible with the release schedules of today. Sounds like a win-win-win to me.

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