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Today marks the last day of the 5 Day Movie Challenge (*sniff), and it's been a great week! If you missed any, feel free to skim back over the movie that makes me cry, the inspirational film, the awkward family movie, and the movie I'll watch again and again.

Now, for the final entry in the challenge, it's time for a movie that I'll pass on to my kids. (Theoretical kids, for those of us who prefer our family to be furry and four-legged!) For a movie nerd like me, it's almost impossible to pick just one; In the interests of teaching them the joys of the silver screen, I'd be setting my kids movie lists instead of chore lists to earn their allowance! (Besides, kids are sloppy when it comes to cleaning.)

However, there is one film franchise that I would set as top priority, and that's only fitting for this Friday, aka : Star Wars.

Obviously I would want my hypothetical miniature humans to love Star Wars. How else are we going to have family light saber battles? However, I picked this one for day five of the challenge for reasons beyond the simple fact that I would feel the need to shape any offspring into tiny nerds right out of the gate.

Ewoks and Outdated FX

There are some elements of the original trilogy that, at this point, actually work better with a younger audience. When a child sees those fuzzy little warrior teddy bears, they are going to think that they are adorable. Leave it too late, and a jaded teen is going to start asking questions about who decided to make that the final battle of the series.

Ditto for CGI vs special effects from the 70's and 80's. After a certain point, seeing the strings becomes painful to watch - but put this in front of a child who hasn't yet realized how far we have come, and they won't be distracted by laughable FX. They'll just enjoy the story.

A Continuing Franchise

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you'll be aware that the Star Wars franchise is still very much alive and kicking (there's this little film called The Force Awakens on the way...). Which makes it all the more exciting to pass on a love of the films to the next generation.

Appreciating a classic movie is one thing. Loving a movie because the story isn't finished yet, and you can immerse yourself in animated series, games, books and comics while waiting for the next installment - incredible. As well as which, with all these elements to the expanded universe, it's best to start 'em young so that there's a hope in hell of catching up.

The Classic Story

Last but not least, this would be a movie to pass on because it's the perfect example of a darn good plot. Twists, loss, battles, daddy issues, and a pretty solid cast of characters make this a good start for an appreciation of the art of storytelling.

It's also so well known that without a good grounding in the magic of Star Wars, little Junior is going to end up with a lot of references in pop culture just flying over his or her head. No one wants to doom their child to an existence of not getting the joke.

Star Wars has been delighting audiences for generations, so I want to be one of those passing the torch to a younger fandom. (Excluding the prequels. They can discover that mess on their own!)


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