ByJeremy Scott, writer at

Magneto FINALLY hits his last day, or at least his final minute. While I have been critical of the stagnant nature of this series for the past 6 months, Bunn closes out his run with an almighty bang bringing closure not only to his time on the book, but also to the character itself. Flashing back to pivotal points in his life, Mags reflects on where his actions have led him and that the end does not always justify the means, a concept that I thought Bunn was definitely going to roll with very early on in this series. In the end, he does all that he can (which is nothing) to halt the incursion and go out as something other than mutant terrorist. Glad that Walta returned for the final issue, even if his take on Magneto still looks less than threatening. We all know that Magneto returns in some form after Secret Wars to front a team, and I think Bunn has left him in the absolute perfect condition to kick off a new book with.


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