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Good news Supernatural fans, there's now only a month to go until the Season 11 premiere!

The highly anticipated Supernatural Season 11 will see Sam and Dean facing off against their oldest, most powerful enemy yet - the Darkness. But wait, there's more!

The Darkness Will Take The Form Of A (Female) Human

(Not this one thankfully. FU Meg)
(Not this one thankfully. FU Meg)

The best villains of the series have always been those who assume a human form, from Lucifer to Death himself, and the Darkness will be no exception to this. People-shaped antagonists are great because they imply humanity whilst having none, and make for much more compelling villains.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Jensen Ackles hinted at what form we can expect the Darkness to take in Season 11:

“As of right now we have it built as one specific entity, obviously that would be a character that we’re introducing. But whatever the reach of that character, what that character can do, we’re not quite sure of. We don’t know the scope of her powers. [She’s] not really a monster. It’s more of a primal force that we know nothing about. There’s no lore; there’s no guidebook; there’s no instruction manual on how to deal with this."

A Spellbound Castiel

Poor Castiel. Things just never seem to go well for the Earth-bound angel, and Season 10 was no exception. We find him now struggling with the spell cast upon him by Crowley's witchy mother Rowena in order to force him to attack and kill Crowley.

Producer Jeremy Carver has confirmed that the first part of Castiel's Season 11 arc will involve his struggles to free himself from the spell, which will prove more difficult than anticipated. In the above image we see him bleeding from the eyes and brandishing an angel blade, which could be bad news for the King of Hell.

Personally I'd like to see Cass reunited with the Winchesters, fighting alongside them. Castiel was such a great character when he was first introduced back in Season 4 because of his moral ambiguity and his deadpan interactions with Sam and Dean, it would be nice to dial the angst back a little and return to this dynamic for a while. And c'mon writers, give him a break already.

The Boys Are Back In Town

I think we can all agree that we're most looking forward to seeing a return to the united Winchester front with the brothers back working together against a common enemy.

Conflict is the foundation of drama, so there was always going to be strife between Sam and Dean, but when it's seasons upon season of looping back and forth between them lying to each other, falling out, getting back together, dying, coming back, dying again, lying again... It gets a little old.

The King of Hell Returns

Season 10 saw Supernatural's longest running antagonist shaken up by the appearance of his mother and her witchy meddling, but he's not taking the insults lying down as he's back from Hell again in Season 11.

When the Darkness comes it threatens everything, Hell and Crowley included. Will we see the brothers working with the King of Hell again?


What are you most looking forward to in Supernatural Season 11?


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