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American Horror Story star Wes Bentley, who played Edward Mordrake in AHS: Freak Show and takes the role of detective John Lowe for AHS: Hotel recently opened up to Larry King about his troubled past. The star bravely admitted to a history of drug problems, touchingly referencing his deep friendship with deceased acting legend Heath Ledger during the candid interview.

You can watch the emotional interview with Wes Bentley below.

Boldly confessing his past darkness, Bentley states:

"The drugs got harder and I got deeper in it, and I started considering things like selling [drugs] and DJing for a living instead of acting.

Some people have one bottom, I had 10 or 12 bottoms: a friend who passed away; I had no money; I lost contact with my family. I finally met somebody who I loved and that kind of turned around. And then I met somebody who was sober and I wanted what he had. And then I worked really hard. I still work really hard."

Heath Ledger and Wes Bentley in Four Feathers
Heath Ledger and Wes Bentley in Four Feathers

Bentley and Ledger became solid friends while shooting The Four Feathers together, developing a bond as close as brothers:

"He was like a brother to me. We were close friends. We worked on 'Four Feathers' together in 2000 and since then we had become very, very close. We had good times and bad times ... [his death is] the biggest loss of my life."

It's truly touching to hear Bentley be so honest about his loss, a grief he obviously felt deeply. Heath Ledger would have been AWESOME in American Horror Story, too - with a talent that shone as bright as his, he would have handled the dark, complex roles of American Horror Story with aplomb.

RIP, Heath Ledger.

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