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Now obviously hyper-realism isn't Assassin's number one concern, but there's one core aspect of the series that's always boggled my logic-loving brain. Why, if your character is attempting to blend in to reach his target undetected, does he insist on wearing an obnoxious hooded armor set not-so-subtely adorned with his instruments of death?

I mean, if you were scanning a crowd for your would-be killer, the first object of suspicion would surely be the sinisterly cloaked fellow popping his head out from a bale of hay. You only have to take a look at history's most famous successuful assassins to see that their video game counterparts weren't properly dressing for the ocassion. These sinful slayers are what real assassins look like:

John Wilkes Booth

Target: Abraham Lincoln

Perhaps history's most famous assassin, John Wilkes Booth, really knew how to blend in with a crowd, knowing that the first step is making yourself actually look like other members of the crowd. Though that handlebar mustache must have drawn a few suspicious eyes...

Gavrilo Princip

Target: Franz Ferdinand

Princip cemented himself in the history books by firting 'the shot heard round the world', killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and sparking WW1. The key to his successful villainy? Underdressing.

Nathuram Godse

Target: Mahatma Gandhi

A member of the nationalist Hindu Mahasabha, Godse assassinated Mahatma Gandhi in 1948 wearing a plain white shirt - the sneaky dappa devil.

Charlotte Corday

Target: Jean-Paul Marat

In 1793 this real life femme fatale took down a key figure of the French Revolution, stabbing him while he bathed. Who needs hay bales, eh?

Francois Ravaillac

Target: King Henry IV

Ravaillac may bear a slight resembalance to AC2's protagonist Ezio, but perhaps that's just the skin-tight leggins. Ravaillac stabbed the King of France to death after pouncoing on him in the street - he'd have never gotten away with it had a hooded figure been seen leaping from a nearby tower to move in close.


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