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Rob Harris

If you've been wondering why Daniel Radcliffe has been sporting some sprawling facial hair recently, it's for his latest project called The Gamechangers - a BBC produced TV movie centered on the real-life conflict between Rockstar Games President Sam Houser and US lawyer Jack Thompson, well known for his outspoken objections to the former's controversial GTA series.

The first trailer for the mini-movie has just been released, and it's looking like essential viewing for Radcliffe fans and gamers alike, or for anyone interested in the inflammatory drama that surrounded the fastest selling entertainment title in history.

Player 1: "We sold a million units, in one day!"

"This is beyond what film can do, we're gonna create the first truly adaptable hero."

Player 2: A man on a moral mission

"These recent revelations demonstrate what little regard these Brits have over the welfare of our children."

Playing the media shy, game-development genius, Sam Houser, is an interesting choice for Radcliffe; the latest career move that sees the star expand from his Harry Potter origins in increasingly intriguing ways.

Watch the full trailer below:

The Gamechangers will air on BBC Two on September 15 in the U.K.


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