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Fans of The CW's Arrow are already gearing up for the show's dramatic fourth season. With just a month left until the show is back on the air, people are starting to get eager with anticipation to see what will happen to Oliver Queen next. Since we've still got a few weeks to go, I guess we'll just have to turn to some on-set photos to tide us over in the meantime.

Paul Blackthorne, also known as Quentin Lance in the show, recently posted the following image to his Instgram profile, showing off Oliver Queen standing next to our first look at the anti-vigilante task force member, "Lady Cop."

Rutina Wesley (True Blood), who will be playing the character Liza Warner, also known as Lady Cop, is all decked out in her Star(ling?) city police gear and standing next to Blackthorne and an unmasked Stephen Amell.

In the show, it will be Warner's job to take down Oliver Queen, but the two look pretty friendly together hanging out on set! I guess we'll just have to see how their onscreen relationship progresses next month.

Arrow will be back on the air starting Wednesday October 7 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

(Source: Instagram)


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