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In anticipation of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials's imminent release (hurry up September 18th!), speculation about the true intentions of the mysterious corporation WICKED has been running wild - at least among those who haven't read the books.

If the recent trailer is anything to go by, they certainly aren't up to any good.

All this institutionalized villainy got me thinking - which evil movie corporation would be the least desirable employer? This is a rundown of the worst fictional companies to work for, starting with, yep, you guessed it!

1. WICKED - The Maze Runner

Where were the public relations team when they settled on this acronym?! Outward image projection aside, any company that conceives a death maze for teenagers is going to be bad news.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the full extent of their nefarious nature will only be revealed in 'Phase 2'. Bring on The Scorch Trials!

2. International Genetic Technologies - Jurassic Park

I had doubts about the company's health and safety policies the moment I saw an InGen employee get gobbled by a raptor - and not even a risk assessment form in sight!

The dinosaur breeders made the mistake of messing with nature, and countless paid for it with their lives. They should've listened to Jeff Goldblum.

3. Umbrella Corporation - Resident Evil

These bioweapon engineers not only unleashed the deadly T-virus upon the innocent people of Raccoon City, but also made sure the few lucky enough to avoid being eaten by a zombie were reduced to ashes; their grand idea to clean up their own mess being to drop a nuke on it. Kick 'em while they're down.

Also, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable working for a company that installed what is perhaps the most devious security system ever devised:

What if you forgot your key card?!

4. Cyberdyne Systems - Terminator 2: Judgment Day

These military-industrial complex miscreants basically straight up ended the world, which is pretty hard to beat when it comes to evilness. Someone really should have stepped in during their development of Skynet, an A.I.-based supercomputer that went full on sentient on their asses. I couldn't have that guilt on my contractually-obliged hands.

5. BiffCo - Back to the Future Part II

Funded by Biff's discovery and exploitation of a sports almanac, this company was hardly built on the hard work and business acumen of its founder. BiffCo even went as far as to manipulate governments, helping Richard Nixon get elected to a fifth term as president and thus extending the Vietnam War. I'd say that's pretty damn evil.

6. Weyland-Yutani Corporation - Alien

Insidiously known as 'The Company', Weyland-Yutani cares not for your life. Making a business out of intentionally sending working class employees into hazardous areas isn't a policy I can get behind, especially when they're doing so to acquire and weaponize a Xenomorph.

7. Soylent Corporation - Soylent Green

With the earth's population having expended its natural resources, the people turn to Soylent Green - advertised by its creators as "high-energy plankton". Of course, it turns out the Soylent Corporation have in fact been feeding everyone (SPOILERS!) humans. Not sure that one counts as a white lie.


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