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The most talked about moment at this year's Video Music Awards was undoubtedly Nicki Minaj dissing Miley Cyrus in public fashion, but not every celebrity turned against the provocative host.

Laverne Cox, noted actress and transgender activist, took to her personal Instagram to commend Miley Cyrus on including one political moment in MTV's broadcast. As founder of the Happy Hippie Foundation, Miley brought out the LGBT youth that she has met and worked with and gave them a moment to let their voices be heard.

Laverne Cox saw this a laudable moment for trans visibility

Seeing trans, agender, and queer youth on stage at a major awards show would never have happened ten or even five years ago, so it makes sense that Laverne would point to this moment as one of the most significant of the night.

And this famous pairing isn't totally out of left field. Laverne met actually Miley at last year's VMAs and sent her love on Instagram.

They shared smiles all around

Despite all the valid criticisms, some celebrities and audiences alike clearly got a lot out of this year's VMAs, and that has opened up a lot of healthy conversation about larger issues.

No matter where you stand on the Nicki v. Miley debate, it's nice to see a major cultural event opening the door to talk about pressing matters, like trans visibility, so I definitely see some good in that.

(Source: People)


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