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As far as I've observed, Disney characters don't spend much time idly hammering their lives away on the internet, but if they had access to Deviantart, 4Chan and Chatroulette would they have turned out as depraved as these drawings suggest?

The talented jhallcomics drew up his dark vision of what would happen if certain Disney characters got hooked on well known web pages for Dorkly, and the results below range from the hilarious to the hideous!


As someone who spends hour every week on this website, I can vouch that this couldn't be any more accurate.


Maybe blossom wouldn't have blossomed between Erik and Ariel if she got into the handcrafted hell hole that is Etsy.


I tried using Pintrest when I was decorating my new apartment and i felt so inadequate that I was convinced I deserved to live in a dog kennel instead. Don't ever go there.


Fun fact: The real Pocahontas was actually 10 when she first me John Smith. Delightful.


You can tell Aladdin is new to the internet...


Sometimes you just can't let it go.


If you can become a Youtube celebrity by getting your teeth yanked out, being a war hero is going to have to rack up those numbers!

Chat Roulette


(Source: Dorkly)


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