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While many have tried their hand at cosplaying the ultimate rage-filled superhero, The Hulk before, not everyone has the added obstacle of a wheelchair to work their cosplay around. However for 11-year-old Ellijah Davila, it was merely another challenge.

With the help of his rather talented uncle, Eric D. Levine, the "butt-kicking" Hulk costume was completed and unveiled in time for TerrifiCon, held in Connecticut two weeks ago.

Source: Eric Levine
Source: Eric Levine

To make his creation, Levine ended up using the "foam used on treadmills and PVC pipe." After carving, sanding and spray painting the foam pieces they were put together using screws and nuts.

Source: Eric Levine
Source: Eric Levine

Despite the costume taking awhile to put together, Levine said he just "wanted to do something for him that would put a big smile on his [Ellijah's] face and the faces of others,” adding "he's just such a good kid."

While Ellijah plans to use his wheelchair-modified costume again for Halloween, afterwards his uncle would like to donate it to another local child who, like his nephew, relies on a wheelchair to get around.

Source: Fashionably Geek, Sentinel Source


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