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I have a high tolerance to pain, and I do incredibly well with the heat.

But nothing can prepare you when a person drugs you, binds you, and tortures you. At that point, you are left to your own devices, and if you haven't learned from the Saw franchise, you don't always make it out alive.

I didn't include Saw on this list, as it would have been too obvious of a choice, but below are some situations I would never want to find myself trapped in.

1. The Maze at the Triwizard Tournament in The Goblet of Fire

With Bogarts, Blast-Ended Screwts, Dementors, and might I add, Lord Voldemort to deal with, the maze is the last of the challenges during the Triwizard Tournament, and it is also one of the last places on Earth I'd want to suddenly wake up in.

2. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

With a dystopian future as the setting, Scorch is the name of the town, and they must not only fight against the land, but also the powerful and wicked organization known as the WCKD. I know I can complain about our government sometimes, but the WCKD is so much worse.

3. The Audition

Have you ever had to deal with a crazy ex? Imagine waking up on the floor of your own house while the girl you used to have a relationship has paralyzed you, pokes an handful of needles into our mid-section, eyes, and cuts through both of your feet with a wire.

And I though my ex-boyfriend was bad.

4. V for Vendetta

I am a huge fan of my long brown hair, so automatically, I would be crying as soon as I heard the buzzing of the razor begin to sound. Going bald isn't exactly the look I want to go for.

Of course, there's the whole entire part of the film where Evey is tortured and locked into a cell. Isolation, verbal, emotional, psychological, and physical abuse are just a few things that happen to Evey while she is a prisoner.

5. The Killing Room

In The Killing Room, the agency or government conducts gruesome experiments in an isolated shell. Dr. Philips starts out the film by executing one participant in the head, showing the rest that they have no choice but to undergo the study at hand.

I feel claustrophobic just watching this trailer.

6. The Chaos Experiment

A deranged scientist (played by Val Kilmer) locks six victims in a steam room and threatens to continually up the heat temperature if the local paper doesn’t publish his story about global warming.

Don't get me wrong, I thrive in warm tropical or desert weather. But even I have my limits.

7. Vile

Vile is very similar to the Saw films, but it differs as the captives are meant to inflict pain on each other. Each captive contains a vile in their head, which must fill up with a brain fluid that is produced during times of extreme pain.

A timer ticks down from 22 hours, and the only way to win is to be the only person who survives the others from killing you. This means you must kill the others to ultimately survive.

I think I'm just going to spend the rest of the evening in my room with the doors locked.

If you weren't paranoid before, I'm sure you are now. You never know when you'll find yourself trapped by a person with evil intentions.

[Source: Horror News]


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