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Check out that ass...I mean, Ash.

There's nothing sexier than adding a little bit of nerdy into the mix. And what's more awesome in a geeky way than Pokémon? These phenomenal cosplayers

1. Absol

[Source: Ashari Cosplay and Props, Novii Photography]

I'm feeling absolutely soulful about this one. Just look at that sparkle in her eyes!

2. Sudowoodo

[Source: @ostrich.eggs, David Ngo]

He's giving us all woodies with that sexy six pack.

3. Articuno

[Source: Lykos Cosplay, Katapon Photo]

She may be the color blue, but she looks red hot in this phenomenal Articuno outfit.

4. Charmander

[Source: Garival]

Is anybody else feeling incredibly charmed by all that orange? Super adorable.

5. Pikachu

Anyone else really feeling some electric waves with how awesome this is?

6. Glaceon

[Source: Jessica Nigri, beethy]

Cool as the ice found on a glacier, this Glaceon outfit is giving me the chills.

7. Gyrados

[Source: Hailey S Cosplay, Termina Cosplay, The Portrait Dude]

The teeth are both creepy and sexy at the same time. Red and blue, get a good look at these two!

8. Squirtle

[Source: Byndo Gehk, Squidbot Cosplay, Martin Wong]

These two are too fire, they had to chill out in the water.

9. Greninja

[Source: Sarah Fong, John Jiao Photography]

Hold up. I want those pants. It's like Princess Jasmine's with a twist!

10. MagiKarp

[Source: Sev Cosplay, John Jiao Photography]

Oh, I definitely feel the magic.

11. Bouffalant

[Source: HeatherAfter Cosplay, Jason P Martin]

Those are a nice pair of horns, if I do say so myself.

12. Mega Charizard X

[Source: Elreca Cosplay, Mike Browne]

She's looking mega mega good with those wings.

I may have grown up watching Pokémon as a little kid, and even traded cards at once time or another, but this sexy, more adult version is just as awesome.

Bulbasaur has always been my favorite Pokémon. Perhaps its time to get out some blue and green cloth and make myself a sexy outfit!

[Source: Dorkly]


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