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Let me introduce you to Adolfo Torino aka Paintmarvels an incredible artist from Chile. He is a self-proclaimed fanatic of classic Comics and using newsprint-quality paper has created some truly remarkable pieces of artwork!

10. Super Saiyan

''I dont know why artists always make drawings of Goku fighting Superman, i prefer to mix up those two powerful guys!''

9. Finding the dragon balls

8. Silver Age Hellboy

''Tribute to the Hellboy 20th Anniversary Celebration!''

7. Superheroes Close-Ups

''I'm a fanatic of classic Comics, specially the newsprint-quality paper, so i try to make my drawings to look this way, here's a close up to some of my drawings''

6. The Tiger Wolf

'' A mix between Tygra of the Thundercats and Wolverine!''

5. Captain California from Hero High

''Hero High! what a cartoon!''

4. The Avengers (Poptage style)

''The Avengers in a very very poptage style!''

3. Duffman

''The Duffman! as a silver age Hero!''

2. Hulkboy from hell

1. Teenage Mutant Saiya Turtles

To see more of this incredible artists work head over to Deviantart.


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