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With technology consistently improving and imaginations refusing to slow down, it seems like now more than ever we're getting immersive movies with full realized worlds. Still, though, every story has its own agenda, and it simply can't go everywhere at once within its constraints. That's where alternate universes come in.

These days, fans and creators have some impressive technology that allow them to go beyond the original story and imagine their favorite characters in totally new situations. Better yet, they bring these novel ideas to life with brilliant fan art that deserves its own attention!

Star Wars: Corrupted Love Story

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Peggy Carter

Anna and Elsa Take Hogwarts

Bilbo Gets the Rapunzel Treatment

The Sisters of Atlantis On Stranger Tides

Pokémon Type-Swap

Lannisters Conquer Vegas

Disney Sin City

Alien Payback

Slave Tink

Prattastic World


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